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A Doula For Every Season

Updated: May 28, 2019

I love supporting new families. I love how a seemingly small thing can make a big difference. Holding a baby so Mom can shower can turn her day around! Life is hard, especially through transitions and everyone deserves support. We are not meant to go through them alone.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the trenches of early motherhood. I appreciate the reminders of what it was like, so I can have a fresh perspective on what my clients are going through. For example, after a sleepless night caring for a sick child, my empathy for exhausted new parents is renewed. Currently, my family is entering into a transition where I can really appreciate the value of a doula. My mother-in-law is dying. She lives with my family and my husband and I are her caretakers. Yesterday, the doctor ordered hospice. Just that small act has given me great relief, just to know help and support is on its way. I have so many questions, “Is she eating enough?”, "Is she comfortable?”, “Is she breathing?” Sound familiar? I asked these same questions when my daughters were newborns. Life has come full circle. I look forward to having someone to ask these questions to and just be there so my family doesn’t have to do this alone. I can fully appreciate the world of difference a support person makes. My enthusiasm for and commitment to helping new families transition into their new roles has been invigorated and renewed by my own need for support.

It’s funny, my children are school aged, yet I’m feeling in need of a doula. Someone to answer my questions, offer emotional support, and provide practical caretaking tasks. OK, I’m off to Google “death doula”...


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